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This site is currently in "maintenance mode", as the VLE is developed.
Please note that the FlaggedRevisions extension has now been installed on this site. This may affect what you see in the main namespace.

Welcome to ModuleWiki, part of Wikimedia UK's new project to create and develop online teaching modules. All the material here relates to training in how to use the English Wikipedia site, and related parts of Wikimedia.

ModuleWiki is the auxiliary wiki for the Wikimedia UK Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a distance education platform run under Moodle. On the VLE modules are designated (A) if they are introductory; (B) is for intermediate material and (C) for advanced. Courses usually contain a mixture of levels. It is up to you how to study. Covering all the (A) modules first would amount to a "foundation course", but is not a comprehensive introduction to Wikipedia and its possibilities.

Here you will be able to do two things: access the VLE, and participate in its development (see ModuleWiki:Ways to help). To understand better where this is all heading, see ModuleWiki:Quality control.

NB: The "Module" namespace here has nothing to do with Lua, as it does on Wikipedia.

Courses[edit | edit source]

The courses on the VLE are the following:

  • Overview. Start here unless you have plenty of Wikipedia experience.
  • Accounts. How do I open an account, and what should I know about doing that?
  • Community and Interaction. How do I get along with other users on Wikipedia, and handle issues that come up?
  • Content. How do I understand the content on Wikipedia, and the ways it can be used?
  • Disputes. How can I avoid disputes on Wikipedia, and resolve them?
  • Editing. How in detail do I go about editing Wikipedia?
  • Finding Methods. How do I best use Wikipedia for research?
  • For New Users. How do I find out about Wikipedia's features?
  • House Rules. How do I understand Wikipedia's internal policies and guidelines?
  • Media Files. How do I use images and other media files on Wikipedia?
  • Other Projects. How do I find out about other Wikimedia projects?
  • Site Maintenance. How do I understand tagging and other aspects of Wikipedia maintenance?
  • Special Syntax. How do I use special symbols and tables on Wikipedia?
  • Templates. How do I understand Wikipedia templates?
  • Web-making. How can I understand aspects of Wikipedia editing related to the site as a very large piece of hypertext?
  • Writing and Referencing. How can I write successfully on Wikipedia?

Participate on this wiki[edit | edit source]

To participate: first have a look at the project pages ModuleWiki:Modules, ModuleWiki:Lessons, and ModuleWiki:Topics, to understand the system in use here. Then feel free to add to the talk pages of any module, lesson or topic.

NB: ModuleWiki:Modules has a listing of all the modules, if you want to browse.

Notes[edit | edit source]