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Lessons on this wiki make up a namespace, with pages such as Lesson:What is Wikipedia? (A). A Lesson page is a specification for a module; or to put it another way, a module is a version or "lesson plan" for how you could teach a lesson, and a Lesson page is there to explain what is being taught, away from how it is taught.

A Topic here is a collection of lessons. In more traditional terms a Topic is a course, and the corresponding lessons break down the syllabus of the course into units that can be taught separately, though probably not independently. See ModuleWiki:Topics.

Lesson names all end in (A), (B), (C) (which are the introductory, intermediate or advanced level indicators), or occasionally (X) for "so you think you're an expert". They relate to audience, therefore. Obviously the intended audience is part of the definition of a given lesson. Topics are typically made up of lessons at different audience levels.

Index of lessons[edit source]

Overview lessons
What is Wikipedia? (A) - What is Wikipedia? (B) - What is Wikipedia? (C) - What is Wikimedia? (X) - Troubleshooting (A) - Contacting Wikipedia and Wikimedia (B) - The Wikipedia Model (B) - Encyclopedias (B) - WikiProjects (A) - Wikipedia Technical Overview (B)

Accounts lessons
Accounts (A) - Accounts (B)

Community and Interaction lessons
How to Ask (A) - Talk Pages (A) - Talk Pages (B) - Onsite Status (A) - Onsite Status (B)

Content lessons
Content Policy (A) - Parts of an Article (B) - Problem Content (B) - Non-article Content (B) - Page Protection (B) - Free Content (A) - Free Content (B) - Reuse (A) - Reuse (B) - Biographies of Living People (B) - Link to Wikipedia (B)

Disputes lessons
Disagreements (A) - Problem Users (A) - Bans and Blocks (A) - Handling Content Disputes (B) - Formal Dispute Resolution (B) - Appeals (C)

Editing lessons
Editing (A) - Edit Window (A) - Major and Minor Edits (A) - Wikitext (A) - Editing (B) - Wikitext (B) - External Links (B)

Finding Methods lessons
Search (A) - Navigation (A) - Search and Navigation (B) - Categories (A) - Categories (B) - Toolserver (B)

For New Users lessons
User Features and User Space (A)

House Rules lessons
Policy Made Simple (A) - Policy and Guidelines (B) - Conflict of Interest (A) - Conflict of Interest (B) - Conflict of Interest and Bias (X)

Media Files lessons
Images (A) - Images (B) - Images (C) - Other Files (B)

Other Projects lessons
Other Languages (B) - Sister Projects (B) - MediaWiki (C)

Site Maintenance lessons
Deletion (A) - Deletion (B) - Article Tagging (A)

Special Syntax lessons
Characters and Tables (A) - Non-Roman Scripts (B)

Templates lessons
Templates (B) - Templates (C) - Templates (X)

Web-making lessons
Orphans and Dead-ends (A) - Page Moves (A) - Redirects (B) - Disambiguation (B) - Merges (B) - Splits and Summary Style (C)

Writing and Referencing lessons
Starting an Article (A) - Referencing (A) - Drafting (A) - Starting an Article (B) - Wikipedia Writing (B) - Referencing (B) - Wikipedia Writing (C)