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The existing VLE modules have their matching wiki pages in the footers below.

Terminology[edit source]

In line with common practice, the teaching units on the Wikimedia UK VLE are known here as "modules". The VLE uses Moodle lessons.

Roughly speaking, the structure used on the VLE is this: a unit is divided into four parts, namely

  1. a "read this first" section;
  2. the main units;
  3. a resources section;
  4. quizzes; and
  5. a "read this afterwards" section.

That is, the teaching material in the main units is supported in a number of ways. The student can navigate around, with major routes being through the major units and quizzes, and through the resources pages.

The VLE uses what Moodle calls the "topic view", and there is one lesson in each section. This terminology clashes with the use of Topic here: "Topic" on this wiki matches what Moodle calls a "course" (its unit for enrolment).

Modules and lessons[edit source]

Terminology aside, there is also a point about the way this wiki thinks of modules, summed up as follows: a module here is a way of teaching a given "lesson". There are Lesson pages here that explain what the lesson is that a module is trying to put across. In other words a module has a specification, which is a "lesson" in the sense used here. Clearly there isn't a single or "correct" way to write a module for a given lesson. Modules correspond to a particular way of teaching something, the "something" being a lesson.

Branching modules[edit source]

In wiki terms, over time a Module page may have to turn into a disambiguation page leading to several modules each corresponding to the same Lesson page. One thing that needs to be worked out is a set of protocols for the evolution of modules. Sometimes it might be better to write a new module with the good ideas of two existing modules combined. Sometimes, on the other hand, it could be better to have alternate versions.

See also[edit source]

Indexation of modules[edit source]

The VLE uses cross-referencing of courses quite extensively. For that and other reasons, you may find it handy to have lists of all lessons. Here is one by course:

Wikipedia Basics (A) - Wikipedia Basics (B) - Wikipedia Basics (C) - Wikimedia Basics (X) - Troubleshooting (A) - Contacting Wikipedia and Wikimedia (B) - The Wikipedia Model (B) - Encyclopedias (B) - WikiProjects (A) - Wikipedia Technical Overview (B)

Accounts (A) - Accounts (B)

Community and Interaction
How to Ask (A) - Talk Pages (A) - Talk Pages (B) - Onsite Status (A) - Onsite Status (B)

Content Policy (A) - Parts of an Article (B) - Problem Content (B) - Non-article Content (B) - Page Protection (B) - Free Content (A) - Free Content (B) - Reuse (A) - Reuse (B) - Biographies of Living Persons (B) - Link to Wikipedia (B)

Disagreements (A) - Problem Users (A) - Bans and Blocks (A) - Handling Content Disputes (B) - Formal Dispute Resolution (B) - Appeals (C)

Editing (A) - Edit Window (A) - Major and Minor Edits (A) - Wikitext (A) - Editing (B) - Wikitext (B) - External Links (B)

Finding Methods
Search (A) - Navigation (A) - Search and Navigation (B) - Categories (A) - Categories (B) - Tools and Labs (B)

For New Users
User Features and User Space (A)

House Rules
Policy Made Simple (A) - Policy and Guidelines (B) - Conflict of Interest (A) - Conflict of Interest (B) - Conflict of Interest and Bias (X)

Media Files
Images (A) - Images (B) - Images (C) - Other Files (B)

Other Projects
Other Languages (B) - Sister Projects (B) - MediaWiki (C)

Site Maintenance
Deletion (A) - Deletion (B) - Article Tagging (A)

Special Syntax
Characters and Tables (A) - Non-Roman Scripts (B)

Templates (B) - Templates (C) - Templates (X)

Orphans and Dead-ends (A) - Page Moves (A) - Redirects (B) - Disambiguation (B) - Merges (B) - Splits and Summary Style (C)

Writing and Referencing
Starting an Article (A) - Referencing (A) - Drafting (A) - Starting an Article (B) - Wikipedia Writing (B) - Referencing (B) - Wikipedia Writing (C)

And here from is one that is alphabetical:

  • Accounts (A)
  • Accounts (B)
  • Appeals (C)
  • Article Tagging (A)
  • Bans and Blocks (A)
  • Biographies of Living Persons (B)
  • Categories (A)
  • Categories (B)
  • Characters and Tables (A)
  • Conflict of Interest (A)
  • Conflict of Interest (B)
  • Conflict of Interest and Bias (X)
  • Contacting Wikipedia and Wikimedia (B)
  • Content Policy (A)
  • Deletion (A)
  • Deletion (B)
  • Disagreements (A)
  • Disambiguation (B)
  • Drafting (A)
  • Edit Window (A)
  • Editing (A)
  • Editing (B)
  • Encyclopedias (B)
  • External Links (B)
  • Formal Dispute Resolution (B)
  • Free Content (A)
  • Free Content (B)
  • Handling Content Disputes (B)
  • How to Ask (A)
  • Images (A)
  • Images (B)
  • Images (C)
  • Link to Wikipedia (B)
  • Major and Minor Edits (A)
  • MediaWiki (C)
  • Merges (B)
  • Navigation (A)
  • Non-article Content (B)
  • Non-Roman Scripts (B)
  • Onsite Status (A)
  • Onsite Status (B)
  • Orphans and Dead-ends (A)
  • Other Files (B)
  • Other Languages (B)
  • Page Moves (A)
  • Page Protection (B)
  • Parts of an Article (B)
  • Policy and Guidelines (B)
  • Policy Made Simple (A)
  • Problem Content (B)
  • Problem Users (A)
  • Redirects (B)
  • Referencing (A)
  • Referencing (B)
  • Reuse (A)
  • Reuse (B)
  • Search (A)
  • Search and Navigation (B)
  • Sister Projects (B)
  • Splits and Summary Style (C)
  • Starting an Article (A)
  • Starting an Article (B)
  • Talk Pages (A)
  • Talk Pages (B)
  • Templates (B)
  • Templates (C)
  • Templates (X)
  • The Wikipedia Model (B)
  • Tools and Labs (B)
  • Troubleshooting (A)
  • User Features and User Space (A)
  • Wikimedia Basics (X)
  • Wikipedia Basics (A)
  • Wikipedia Basics (B)
  • Wikipedia Basics (C)
  • Wikipedia Technical Overview (B)
  • Wikipedia Writing (B)
  • Wikipedia Writing (C)
  • WikiProjects (A)
  • Wikitext (A)
  • Wikitext (B)