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Any feedback on this work in progress should be sent to Charles Matthews, as VLE Project Leader. You can also use the talk pages here.
This page is documentation for the intended configuration of WMUK's wiki+VLE system.
It was posted in September 2013 as the required development was ongoing.

One of the major criteria for the success of the VLE will be that the quality control of its content does an effective job: those studying from the VLE should find that what they study there is reliable, and the presentation is helpful, so that they will be motivated to use it repeatedly. There are a number of ways in which anyone online can get a basic introduction to Wikipedia. Out of the whole gamut, the VLE should be the site choice of someone wanting to go a bit deeper. The intention is to produce educational material worthy of the name.

There are quite a number of aspects to consider:

  1. The content should be accurate.
  2. The content should also be updated promptly, which has become important in an era of quite rapid technical change on the Wikimedia sites.
  3. The content should be well supported by resources.
  4. The presentation should be consistent, from module to module and course to course.
  5. The design should hit the right note: not too heavy for the reader, not too fussy either.
  6. The "activity" side, e.g. quizzes, prompts to view a video, references to resources or external links as extension work, and so on, should be involving.
  7. The community side of the wiki+VLE system should be well and appropriately developed, to support each of the above.

The following links are to pages documenting these matters:

How comprehensive the content should be is actually a separate issue: